Medicare Covers Genetic Tests at Little to No Cost.

  • Do you have a family history of heart attack? 
  • Do you know that only 1 in 10 people survive a cardiac arrest?
  • If you're 65+, then your chances of getting heart attack are relatively higher.

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Do you know You can now test your genetics to PERSONALIZE your medicines and see if you have a higher risk for Heart Disease, Cancer, or Diabetes?

These tests are covered by Medicare 100%. So, there is NO COST to you!

Testing yourself will also identify your children’s and grandchildren’s risks for
these diseases as well.

In-Home Genetic Health Screenings are now covered and easy!
• No Doctor Visit. Painless and easy to perform in seconds.
• Simply swab the inside of your cheek and mail back in the prepaid
envelope provided.
• 100% covered by Medicare (No Co-Pay required)


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There are many different kinds of genetic tests. There is no single genetic test that can detect all genetic conditions. The approach to genetic testing is individualized based on your medical and family history and what condition you’re being tested for.

Metabolic Testing

The Senior Digest a panel that integrates genetic and biochemical testing for a fast diagnosis of a wide range of rare metabolic diseases.

Hereditary Cancer

Our medical and genetic experts can help determine which genetic testing is right to analyze if your patient has an increased risk for hereditary cancer.

Newborn Testing

This is designed to diagnose genetic conditions that become present in the newborn or early childhood period.

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Does your family have a history of sudden Cardiac Arrest? If so, you can be a victim too.

Fortunately, the help of scientific research and recent discoveries has enabled doctors to treat undiagnosed heart disease and keep your heart in control.

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Testing and how it can help you:

  • Know your Genes
  • Secure your Heart Health
  • Save your life

Why People Trust Us

Our mission is to bring comprehensive genetic information into mainstream medicine to improve healthcare for the people.

Testing experts trust

We trusted by doctors around the world. Our industry-leading labs are equipped with best-in-class technology and staffed by some of the world’s leading genetics experts.

More than a test

Genetic results are often just the beginning. Our interactive and caring genetic counselors can help you understand your results and what to do next.

Affordable pricing

For many people, insurance covers the cost of testing. We also offers flat, self-pay pricing and even financial assistance for those who qualify.

You’re in control

We respect your privacy. You own and control your genetic information, and we give you the tools to protect it.

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Get One Step Ahead Of Disease

If you are interesting in learning about your chance of having a genetic condition, talk to your doctor about whether genetic testing is right for you.

Types of Genetic Test Results

A good way to think about genetic testing is as if you’re asking the DNA a question. Sometimes we don’t find an answer because we weren’t asking the right question or science just didn’t have the answer yet.

01. Positive

The test found a genetic change known to cause disease.

02. Negative

The test did not find a genetic change known to cause disease. Sometimes a negative result occurs when the wrong test was ordered or there isn’t a genetic cause for that person’s symptoms. 

03. Uncertain

A variant of unknown or uncertain significance means there isn’t enough information about that genetic change to determine whether it is benign (normal) or pathogenic (disease causing).


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