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Top 10 Ways to Improve Your Circulation and Blood Flow

Blood Circulation and Blood Flow


You can’t work well and perform daily chores if your blood circulation is compromised. Yes, that’s true; blood circulation plays a crucial role in moving the body and allowing blood to reach every cell of the body.

Blood circulation is a complex system comprising different parts extended throughout the body. The heart is a primary pumping organ accompanied by arteries, veins, and capillaries through which blood flows.

Adequate blood circulation is mandatory for sustaining the motility of hands, feet, and legs. Any anomaly affecting your blood circulation may appear with serious complications. So you must know the importance of movement.

You may wonder how to improve circulation? Well, some simple daily procedures help a lot in maintaining blood circulation throughout the body. If you feel low blood circulation, we will tell you some essential tips to keep yourself healthy.

Why Is Good Blood Flow Important? 

You may not be physiologically normal when blood circulation is compromised. Good blood flow is a complete cycle that takes oxygenated blood from the heart to different organs via arteries ending in capillaries. Similarly, veins carry deoxygenated blood from capillaries and bring it 

back to the heart.

It ensures the proper distribution of blood and oxygen and the disposal of carbon dioxide and waste products. 

Signs of Poor Blood Circulation 

If any abnormality affects your blood flow, the blood distribution cycle is disturbed. It results in less distribution of oxygenated blood and retention of deoxygenated blood. Poor circulation can cause numbness, cramps, pains, muscle aches, and a reduced feeling of touching.

Poor circulation results in the following significant issues; although there is a long list, these are important ones:

  1. Leg and feet pain
  2. Swollen feet and ankle
  3. Cold extremities
  4. Slow and delayed healing
  5. Erectile dysfunction in men

How To Improve Circulation and Blood Flow: Top 10 Ways 

Here are few important ways to improve your circulation and makes you healthier:

1- Keep on Moving

Moving frequently is essential for blood circulation only and helpful in attaining mental health and overall body health. If you have a busy sitting routine, you should start moving today or make it a habit to turn your position frequently after every few minutes.  It’s up to you to have a simple walk, jogging, exercise on your lawn, or a strengthening exercise session at a gym.

How to improve blood circulation naturally? Exercise is a natural way that helps a lot in improving blood circulation. If you are not habitual of physical activity, begin it gradually and increase it over time. You should aim at 30 minutes of moderate physical activity daily to maintain normal body metabolism.

How can you improve your circulation simply by moving? Well, gather the courage and go for a walk now or today; even a minor stretching of your legs, in the beginning, can help a lot in improving circulation.

2- Drink Adequate Water

Staying hydrated is the key to maintain or even improve the circulation in the body. Our blood is about half water, so it’s vital to maintain its consistency—dehydration results in a reduction of blood flow to different parts of the body. Water usually helps to keep the blood moving.

Hydration does not necessarily mean water only; it focuses on healthy fluid intake like milk, etc. According to a study, a healthy woman requires 2.7 litres of fluid daily, and a healthy man requires about 3.7 litres of fluid daily.

3- Stress Management

Stress can kill you silently, even before you notice it. Many people don’t take stress seriously, but it affects many-body systems drastically, and the circulation system is one of them.

It damages the standard physiological mechanism of the body and may cause depression, anxiety, an unstable immune system, irregular blood flow, and many more.

Stress induces a series of events that eventually raise the blood pressure above normal. It releases the adrenaline hormone, which increases the heart rate and breathing rate, ultimately preparing the body for a “fight and flight response” without any need. You can feel high blood pressure generally in chronic stress.

4- Maintain Healthy Weight

Obesity is the mother of several illnesses, especially poor circulation. If you are overweight, there is more workload on the heart and circulatory system to maintain the required blood flow. Otherwise, there may be complications, and you have to find a way to improve your circulation.

Being overweight is linked with several severe conditions, and high blood pressure is one of them. By reducing weight and overcoming obesity, you may lower the risk of many diseases, specifically circulation diseases.

According to American Heart Association, a healthy weight can help you efficiently circulate blood and manage the body’s fluid levels. 

5- Quit Tobacco

If you are a smoker, quit it for better circulation of blood within your body. Tobacco smoke contains chemicals that can not only affect the blood vessels but also thicken your blood. It lowers the blood flow, and circulatory abnormality symptoms begin to appear.

According to WHO, 20 minutes after leaving smoking, a drop in heart rate and blood pressure is recorded. And after 12 hrs, there is a drop in the blood carbon monoxide level.

6- Use Compression Socks and Garments

You may face numbness in your feet and thinking about how to improve blood circulation in your legs? Compression socks are specifically for boosting up blood circulation and its even distribution towards the legs. 

A condition called Varicose Vein Disease usually develops in which there is chronic venous insufficiency. It induces poor circulation in the legs region. These socks exert extra pressure over your feet and assist in returning blood towards the heart.

Compression garments and socks are widely used for aches and swollen extremities, as they are readily available. These also help prevent blood clots that may develop if you sit for a more extended period.

7- Blood Pressure Management

A fundamental way to improve circulation is to control your blood pressure. How can blood pressure affect the body? Both high and low blood pressure have significant drawbacks along with severe complications if not treated timely.

High blood pressure, also called hypertension, can harden the arteries and eventually block blood flow. This condition is called arteriosclerosis and requires immediate medical attention.

High blood pressure can damage the brain by affecting the small blood vessels. It can disturb memory, cognition and significantly enhances the risk of Alzheimer’s disease or even dementia. You can improve blood circulation in the brain by managing the overall blood pressure within normal ranges.

8- Get A Massage

Massage has multiple beneficial effects on the body, along with relieving stress. It stimulates the blood flow in the body and induces relaxation and calmness. Massage circulates the blood flow in limbs, similar to walking and exercise.

Massage helps in clearing the congested spots and keeps the body moving by enhancing circulation.  Moreover, it can help in regulating stress, improving flexibility, and strengthening the immune system.

Swedish Massage can improve the blood and lymph flow throughout the body. It ensures healthy and strong muscles which are less weakened and fatigued during any type of activity. 

9- Dry Skin Brushing

How can daily dry brushing your skin can help in improving circulation? Dry brushing helps in removing unnecessary dead skins and improves blood circulation. It assists in eliminating the waste or dirt stuck in pores and ensures overall skin appearance.

You can try dry brushing before a bath to stimulate the efficient flow of blood. According to Dr Khetarpal, dry brushing can increase blood flow and lymph drainage, which detoxify the skin.

10- Add Omega 3 Fatty Acid to Your Diet

Omega 3 fatty acid is found beneficial in regulating circulation and managing other cardiovascular issues. Food that increases blood flow is usually the one containing this omega-three fatty acid.

Omega 3 fatty acids can increase circulation as it lowers triglycerides and raises good cholesterol levels. It also reduces platelet aggregation, which would otherwise hinder average circulation.

Foods that are rich in omega-three fatty acids are :

  1. Flaxseeds
  2. Pumpkins
  3. Walnuts
  4. Cod liver oil
  5. Kale
  6. Fatty fish ( salmon, tuna)

FAQs: Improve Your Circulation and Blood Flow

1- How can I make my blood flow stronger?

Following are few essential ways to make blood flow stronger

  1. Exercise
  2. Massage
  3. Stress relief
  4. Stay hydrated etc

2- How do you fix bad circulation?

Bad circulations require few essential ways to get fixed like

  1. Wear compression garments
  2. Elevate legs
  3. Healthy diet
  4. Quit smoking
  5. Stress management etc

3- Can blood flow be restored?

Yes, blockage in blood flow can be restored by angioplasty, in which arteries are widened using a balloon.

4- What positions increase blood flow?

A downward-facing posture is best for increasing blood flow. It put your hip above your heart and your heart above your head. Gravity allows the blood to flow towards the head, and there is a significant improvement in blood flow.

5- How can I improve my veins for blood draw?

Following are some essential tips for improving vein blood drawing

  1. You can use gravity, let gravity improve blood flow towards your arm and feet
  2. Get warm; blood flow increases when the body is warm
  3. Stay hydrated; when you drink adequate water then veins become dilated.

6- Does drinking water help circulation?

Yes, consuming or drinking a cup of warm water can improve arterial and venous circulation.

7- How do doctors treat poor circulation?

In the beginning, the doctor recommends some programs like exercise, specific diet, and medication. But if the problem still can’t be cured, then angioplasty or bypass surgery could be an option

8- What foods are bad for circulation?

Foods containing trans fat, saturated fat,  excessive added sugar, or excessive salt can badly affect your circulation

Bottom Line

Blood circulation is essential to keep yourself healthy and alive, so you should be conscious if you face any issues. Try to improve your circulation with simple lifestyle adaptations to avoid complications later on. 

If the ways mentioned above don’t work, consult your doctor for a complete medical check-up and preferably get your genetic testing done for early diagnosis.

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