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Secure your legacy with final expense life insurance plan

Social Security only pays a compensation for final expenses to those who qualify.


Take the guesswork out of final expense insurance. Leading final expense insurance rates within 60 seconds with no obligation to buy. A penny saved, is a penny earned.


Just honest, sincere advice from a licensed insurance agent. Choose to compare, review and apply online. Or, if you want more support and prefer to call or email – we are here to help!


Licensed insurance agent in final expense insurance ONLY. Benefit may pay for 100% of all funeral and burial expenses up to $40,000. This payment is tax-free. No unregulated products, telemarketing or spamming.

What is final expense life insurance plan?

What is final expense life insurance plan? Like all whole life insurance, it features policies that you pay into as long as you live. When you die, a death benefit, which you determined when you signed up for the policy, goes to your beneficiaries. That death benefit will not change during the life of the policy, and you are locked into the premium rates that you start with — they won’t go up as the years pass. Unlike most whole life policies, however, a final expenses policy does not require a medical exam. At most, you’ll fill out an application form that asks some questions about your health. But the underwriting process is short, and in some cases, you can have a policy in hand almost immediately.


  • Dedicated money to pay for burial or cremation costs
  • Fast, simple coverage with no medical exams
  • Low cost fixed payments – monthly, quarterly, or annual premiums
  • Tax-free benefit paid to your designated beneficiary
  • No waiting periods if you qualify – this is where we can help!

Be aware that pre-need final expense life insurance plan provided by a funeral home may not include inflation protection and will not provide money for other end-of-life expenses.


1- Where can I find final expense life insurance plan?

An insurance brokerage company that represents multiple insurers can help you find the best option among several companies. It pays to get multiple quotes because each company’s quote will be unique.

2- How long does my final expense policy last?

In general, as long as you pay your premiums. Some policies cap the age at 100 or more, but you’ll need to ask your licensed insurance agent or read your policy documents to find out if it’s true for your policy.

3- Does being a smoker matter when I buy final expenses life insurance plan?

Generally, yes. Smokers statistically have shorter life spans than non-smokers, making them riskier to insure. Although final expense insurance isn’t as stringent in its health requirements as other types of insurance, you will be asked if you’re a smoker when you request a quote.

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